Rob Graham*, Author, Adventurer and Athlete

(*name supplied with permission)

“Having recently completed a personal challenge to cycle solo and unsupported from Wales to New Zealand, I next found myself planning to take an ironman triathlon, for which I had no experience whatsoever.

But whereas I was fairly confident in my ability to train myself, what I knew very little about was nutrition. And if I was to stand any chance of completing an ironman Triathlon, I knew I had to find a sports nutritionist to guide and support me. Deciding on which nutritionist to use wasn’t easy, although as soon as I started working with Claire I knew instantly I had made the right decision as her knowledge gave me the assurance I needed to cope with training anything up to 20 hours a week. Something I would not have been able to do if my diet wasn’t spot-on.

Claire’s knowledge extended far beyond my dietary needs when it came to reducing fatigue, increasing my endurance levels and explaining how best to aid my body’s recovery from the effects of 20 hours a week of intensive training; she was able to introduce me to athletes with a wealth of knowledge within the triathlon and athletics world.

On top of this I wanted to put on weight, something I have always found impossible to do, and which I thought would be out of the question during such an intensive training regime. But in the short time that I have worked with Claire I have managed to gain 4 kg, which I am more than happy with.

Claire’s friendly manner never fails to put me at ease whenever we meet for a scheduled session, and the benefits of continuing to work with her even when I have completed my ironman challenge will be hugely valuable for living a healthy lifestyle.”


“I liked Claire’s friendly, non-judgemental approach.  The visualisation that came with the computer software was really good to help understand the information. Some of the insights that came from the analysis of my diet, such as the potential need for Vitamin D supplements, were really useful.

Claire is extremely professional and passionate about what she does. She offers a wealth of nutritional information in a way that is easy to understand, it certainly opened my eyes to the specifics around the vitamin and mineral content of my diet, yes definitely I would recommend Claire.”

Male Martial artist, Brown belt Judo.

“After completing the seven day diet diary I underwent a consultation session with Claire to discuss the findings, confirm the good points of my diet and highlight areas for improvement. Although I had a reasonable understanding of the importance of protein in sport, carbohydrates and fuelling the body was something I was confused with. Claire was able to talk me through the process using simple scientific explanations and bringing them into context in terms of diet. Claire explained that although I had been consuming sufficient protein after training and work outs, I had been taking insufficient levels of carbohydrates onboard as well as leaving too much time between exercise and eating.

In the following two weeks after the consultation I have been consuming slow releasing carbohydrates immediately after training or consuming one of my main meals. I have noticed a drop in post-workout fatigue and no longer feel the ‘lull’ in my activity levels which I once had and considered to be normal.

 Fat intake was also an issue with my diet. I was consuming too much fat from saturated sources and insufficient levels of monounsaturated fats. Claire listed the many sources of mono-unsaturated fats and what amounts I should try to be consuming on a daily basis (which I now acquire mainly with nuts, seeds and olive oils). This awareness now allows me to analyse food labels more accurately and has allowed for a much healthier balanced diet.

Although I generally consumed sufficient amounts of vegetables, my diet did tend to lack fruit, mainly due to a dislike of texture with some fruits. Claire directed me to some ideas for fruit smoothies incorporating yogurt and small amounts of honey. Being full of taste and easier to consume (in bottles and tubs) I am now consistently reaching my target of five items of fruit and vegetables each day.

Finally as well as changes in health I have noticed small financial advantages to having my diet assessed. I previously purchased Branch Chain Amino Acid supplements to ensure I was obtaining a sufficient amount each day. Claire calculated that I was already obtaining enough in my diet and with the changes I was to incorporate with her guidance, I would not need any further supplements as the correct levels would come from my diet alone. Another handy financial saving was making my own isotonic drinks at home. Simple, cheap and easy to do, which I otherwise would never have known.

The changes I have made under this professional guidance are not only sensible and achievable but since I now understand more of the science behind healthy diet plans, I feel more knowledgeable and in control than I have in the past.”

Female martial artist, Black belt Tae Kwon Do.

“I liked that Claire suggested changes that were easy to fit into my routines in terms of practicality so did not require much additional thought or time to incorporate.

Claire was very friendly and approachable and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I liked that she presented her information in a visual way using food props which helped to reinforce her points and was a clear and interesting way of presenting her information.

Claire suggestions were very helpful and I saw a clear effect at the Welsh championships I went to shortly after our meeting. Her suggestions for the day of the competition that included isotonic drinks, jelly babies and foods with an oat base and also her suggestions about carbohydrate rich foods in preparation of the day gave me maximum energy when required. I usually struggle with a lack of energy during competitions so it was great that her suggestions had such an immediate effect.

 Claire’s help was very much appreciated and I am certain her suggestions will help me in the future during training, everyday life and competitions. She gave a clear and concise breakdown of my diet and the changes that could be made which was presented in an accessible format. I could not recommend her enough!”

 Female, Gym member.

“Thank you for all your advice, your session was very informative, and I found you a very easy person to talk to.”

Male, Competitive runner.

"My performance was greatly improved thanks to the advice Claire gave.  Talk to someone who knows about nutrition, dietitian Claire."

 Ady Jones, Tae Kwon Do Family Martial Arts Centre.

“An excellent nutrition talk from expert Claire Chaudhry. Thanks Claire.”

Female, gym user.

"Claire was fantastic very approachable, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable." 

Clients have evaluated Claire with scores of “Excellent” 5 out of 5 in her punctuality, 1 to 1 consultation, approachability and her overall service. 100% of Claire’s individual assessment clients would recommend her to family and friends.