Menu analysis for food companies/ menu planning starting from £45.

Dietitian Claire uses a Nutritional analysis programme which complies with EU (European Union) regulation 1169/2011, the provision of food information to consumers regarding front of pack labelling.

If you are a business that provides meals as a service e.g. restaurants, cafes, institutions including prisons, care homes and nurseries, Dietitian Claire can:

  • Analysis your menus and provide detailed nutritional information on each meal, including a label detailing the kcal, sugar, salt, fat and saturated fat per portion.
  • Compare the nutritional content of each menu with the nutritional daily requirements of your service users.

If you are a business that provides home made food products e.g. jam, cakes, biscuits, Dietitian Claire can:

  • Provide a dietary analysis of your recipe.
  • If required recommend adjustments to meet with European guidelines on intakes.
  • Provide a food label detailing the kcal, sugar, salt, fat and saturated fat per portion of your product.
  • Assist with marketing of your product with correct nutritional statements e.g. "low fat", "low sugar".

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